Fuel System Repairs

A problematic fuel system is a common reason cars run roughly, ping or fail to start altogether.

Whether you have had the misfortune to fill up with a batch of contaminated fuel or had the unfortunate experience of a fuel related car break down, Express Mobile Mechanics are trained to get you moving again safely and trouble free.

Our mobile service units are equipped with the latest diagnostic equipment, scan tools, fuel pressure test kits as well as an array of common fuel system replacement parts such as fuel pump, fuel injectors and fuel hose to enable Express Mobile Mechanics to assist you promptly and efficiently.

Experience the Express Mobile Mechanics Fuel System Repair advantage:

  • Roadside Assistance / Car Break Down Service
  • Fuel Pump replacement
  • Fuel Filter replacement
  • Fuel blockages
  • Fuel Injector cleaning & replacement
  • Fuel Pressure Regulator replacement
  • Carburettor Overhauls
  • Syphon contaminated fuel from fuel tank
  • Diesel Injectors and Diesel Pump repairs

Our customer service team will gladly help you with any fuel system queries you may have, simply call  1300 30 45 90. Alternatively compare our prices and book online  for a mobile mechanic attendance in Melbourne.

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At Express Mobile Mechanics Melbourne, our commitment to you is excellent customer service and quality repairs at value for money Melbourne wide.

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