One of the most common oversights in car maintenance is the failure to replace the timing belt at the recommended intervals. Unfortunately failure to replace the timing belt or timing belt kit as specified can cause extensive engine damage (valve to piston damage) once the belt breaks or even stretches to the point where it skips one or multiple timing belt teeth.

Timing Belt or Timing Belt Kits should be replaced between 60,000 kms – 150,000 kms depending on the vehicle make and model. The list below is a guide for popular makes and models, however service manuals should always be consulted for detailed and accurate replacement interval.

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Commonly recommend timing belt or timing belt kit replacement intervals

Audi A4                             –                             90,000 kms

Holden Astra                   –                              60,000 kms & 90,000 kms

Holden Vectra                 –                              60,000 kms & 90,000 kms

Holden Cruze                  –                              150,000  kms

Mazda BT50                     –                              120,000  kms

Mitsubishi 380                –                              90,000  kms

Mitsubishi Magna           –                              90,000  kms

Mitsubishi Triton            –                              90,000  kms         

Toyota Camry                   –                              150,000  kms

Toyota Hi Ace                   –                              150,000  kms

Toyota Hi Lux                   –                              150,000  kms

Peugeot 307                       –                              80,000  kms

Subaru Liberty                  –                              120,000  kms

Subaru Outback                –                              120,000  kms

Volkswagen Golf               –                             105,000  kms

Please note the above is a guide only and there will variances between models.

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